Our Architectural Services

Sacramento’s Experienced Architects

Ottolini & Associates Architects understands each project is unique based on specific site challenges, environmental and cost constraints. Our approach to every project is to meld design creativity and responsiveness to achieve the best solution that reflects our Client’s goals and values.

With a breath of experience from existing building renovation and historic building rehabilitation to new building design and site development master planning, Ottolini & Associates Architects offers a comprehensive approach to

Planning Your Organization’s Space

Ottolini & Associates Architects uses its extensive experience with the adaptive re-use of existing buildings and site facilities to help our Client’s maximize the potential of each existing property and every new development opportunity with the broadest analysis of potential possible including:


Creating a unique interior space that originates with the Client’s own vision, culture and values and is enhanced and shaped by Ottolini & Associates Architects varied experience is the ultimate goal. An interior space that reflects the Client’s message to both their employees and to their community is our priority. We accomplish this through: